Love VS Bond – A Comprehensive Debate

Debate in my mind between love and bond has ended.

Firstly, we need to understand love. What is love? In my opinion, it is the feeling of attraction to person not specific in gender. The dilemma of love changes with person to person. It could be a good friendly relationship, desires, affection or sexual needs.

With compromise two beautiful souls can get attached to each other and live happily.

While in case of BONDING, LOVE is opposite to bondings. Bonding is SPIRITUAL. All sayings of Almighty Allah(SWT) are available with us in form of Holy Quran through the mean of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SWS). Those sayings of Almighty Allah (SWT), which are not included in the Holy Quran, are also with us in form of Hadith-e-Qudsi through the mean of Holy Prophet(SWS).

BUT HOW BONDING BETWEEN TWO DIFFERENT BODIES ARE POSSIBLE? Allah (SWT) created Aalam-E-Arwah, to better understand it we can simply take the concept of Hindunism here, Hindunism believe in 7 lives (7 JANAM), while in Islam it has been declared that our lives are divided into different section, i.e Aalam-E-Arwah, life, after life & life in Paradise or Hell. It is possible that we may had find our SOULMATE in Aalam-E-Arwah and we may find them in this world too! thats why there is BOND between two different bodies (HARD TO FIND).

P.s: I never meant to say that you should marry or start loving your soulmate, because Bonding is something natural while love is not!

3 Reasons Online Security Is A Great Blogging Niche

If you’re still looking for a niche topic to blog about, online security might not seem like the perfect choice. After all, you’ve probably come across 5 articles about VPNs this week on Facebook alone. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the niche is saturated, and that you should rather blog about another subject.

But if online security is something you enjoy writing about, there’s no reason to stay away from the niche. In fact, online security is still a fantastic subject for a blogger who is just getting started.

Here are 3 reasons online security is a great blogging niche.

1:- It requires trust

People are willing to believe almost anything they read on the internet. This is so painfully true that ridiculous trends have been started by people who “read an article”. Most of the time, this is harmless, although the anti-vaccination movement is one example of misinformation taking things to a dangerous extreme.

Online security, however, is a subject that demands a bit more from the reader. The very fact that you’re looking to protect yourself means that you’re aware of the threats lurking around every corner. You’re scared of scams, and won’t trust the first source you read. Which is why the online security niche is not saturated. People want a lot of opinions on the subject. The more blogs there are, the more secure readers can be in their choices. And those that manage to earn their readers’ trust will do very well in the blogosphere.

2:- Product reviews are lucrative

Just as there are tons of blogs on the topic of online security, there are plenty of service providers looking to get ahead of their competitors. These companies will pay you for honest reviews, and you can earn commision from readers who subsequently choose a service you reviewed.

In particular, VPN reviews have become increasingly relevant and in demand. There are a lot of VPN providers out there, and the efficacy of a VPN is not something the layman can determine for himself. In order to build trust, VPN providers need bloggers like you, who can share a candid opinion with your readership.

3:- It’s constantly evolving

Finally, one of the most enticing aspects of blogging about online security is that the subject never stays static. Hackers are finding new tactics every day. Viruses are constantly being developed, and clever means of identity theft are worth the effort that hackers put in. New risks are constantly being discovered and dealt with, and it’s a cycle that will go on continuously. There is never a time when online security won’t be an issue.

There is always something interesting to discuss in this niche, and all web users want someone trustworthy to keep them in the know. You can become an authority – you’ll have the niche you desired, as well as a sense of fulfillment, knowing you’re helping others stay safe in an incredibly vulnerable day and age.

5 Excellent Tips That Will Protect You From Phishing Scams

Identity theft and the phishing scams have become extremely common these days. The hackers send you an array of emails like the ones creating a sense of urgency or the emails presenting some highly lucrative offers which are too good to resist, and by either pleasing you or intimidating you, they steal your information.

While phishing scams don’t directly steal your information by hacking your computers, but they make you provide the required information yourself. This is why, the best way to control the phishing scams and identity thefts is by staying vigilant and following the common cyber security tips.

Here are the top 5 cyber security tips to protect you from the phishing scams.

  1. Avoid Clicking The Strange Links Given in Emails

If you don’t know the sender of the email or have received an email with a generic greeting, then there are very high chances that it is a phishing email. Another common identification factor of the phishing emails is that there are strange links in the email which don’t contain the name of the website in the URL.

To protect yourself from the phishing scams, don’t click any such link given in an email.

  1. Use High quality Internet Security Software

There is an internet security software which enables safe browsing on your computer. These software prevent you from opening any website or email which they believe is suspicious or dubious.

These software also have inbuilt virus and malware detecting solutions, so these not only quarantine the bad viruses while deleting them altogether.

  1. Never Reveal Your Personal Information

You may receive different types of emails asking you for personal information like your name, bank account details, your address, contact numbers, registered number, credit card details, etc. Never entertain any such emails, no matter how much urgency they create or how good offer they present. You cannot randomly win a million dollar lottery. So, don’t trust emails from unknown senders.

  1. Don’t Get Scared By The Phishing Scammers

The people who create the phishing scams use a variety of tactics to gain your attention and more often, they try to scare you by telling you that your bank account may get closed, or you will lose money in your account or your credit card may be closed. After scaring the victims, these scammers try to the personal and accounts related information from people.

So, if you get any call or email asking for any such information, don’t provide any information and call up your bank or company on whose behalf the scammers are calling you to confirm if they actually need the details.

  1. Don’t Browse Untrustable Websites

There are many dubious websites which can infect your computer systems with malware or viruses, track your activities or even steal your personal data stored on the computer. Moreover, sometimes these websites prompt you to download certain files which can be quite dangerous.

So, don’t browse the websites you don’t trust and never download any files from such websites. There are many security awareness training for employees in the offices and training programs available for other people as well. If possible, participate in one such programs and learn about the tactics commonly used by phishers to trick the people so that you can protect yourself from getting hacked or scammed.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Computer Safe

Both business and personal computers usually contain a lot of sensitive or at least private information, photos, and data. Being careful when it comes to privacy and online security is becoming increasingly important.

The best way to approach creating a security system for your computer is to consider how you are using it and try to find weak spots a malicious person would take advantage of. With this in mind, create security checks and barriers and make sure to revisit and revise them every once in awhile.

Backup your data

Everyone’s always hoping that they won’t need to deal with any serious security breaches, but it’s best to be prepared for the worst and have a backup copy of all your sensitive data. There are basically two ways to go – cloud storage or an external hard drive. The first option is easier and with it, you can restore the data in a matter of seconds. External hard drives, on the other hand, can be used even if the internet connection is down. Sometimes it’s best to go with the mix of the two depending on the importance of the data in question.

Two-step verification

This is a security measure designed to make it more difficult to access online accounts. If you’re using bank accounts on your computer or make types of any payments, creating a two-step verification system is crucial. Choose a secure device, that no one beside you and the people you trust uses (this is usually a phone) and connect it with the accounts. Once you sign into the account or perform a sensitive action (like making a payment) you will receive a code on your phone. The action can be completed only by entering the code.

Dealing with viruses

Having a good antivirus installed and regularly updated is the first layer of defense, but it often isn’t enough. USB virus scanner provides additional protection because it detects the viruses that are missed by the antivirus as well. It’s also simple enough for anyone to use. The device is just plugged in when the computer is off and it removes the malicious software while it’s unable to do any more damage to your data. All the necessary antivirus updates are done automatically during this process.


Even the average computer user has dozens of passwords to remember and maintain. The standard rules apply – it’s best not to use the same passwords more than once, try to have a combination of lower and upper case letters in each and change them now and again. This can be a lot of work and inconvenience so it might be a good idea to get a password manager. They generate passwords for you and connect them to the proper account, that way you only need to remember one (and it’s best to keep that one to yourself).

Common sense

Most security breaches happen via e-mail. This so-called phishing scams usually come in a form of a plea for charity or as some sort of business offer you shouldn’t miss. By applying simple common sense and opening and responding only to e-mails from people you know and trust a lot of security trouble can be avoided. Also, use some sort of filter that separates promotion e-mails from the ones you actually want to see and read.

It’s important to take proper precautions when dealing with online security. Having a system in place and acting with awareness about potential threats can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money.

5 Software Must-Haves for Every Computer User

Got yourself a brand new laptop for home, new desktop at work or a new tablet for travelling? Here are five software must-haves to download to get you started.

Anti-virus software

Because laptops and computers can run without anti-virus software, they’re still regarded by some as not an absolute necessity. But the fact is, they are; viruses and programmers are getting cleverer every day, meaning an increase in the way your computer and files can be hacked, infected or even worse- destroyed. Good anti-virus software may mean an initial outlay of costs, but you’ll make this back in spades when your computer is sufficiently protected and safe.

A Windows Package

No matter your operating system, you need to be running a comprehensive Windows package or, at least one that can transfer over to it. Many companies and organisations still send documentation and attachments in Microsoft word format, you’ll be limiting your business if you don’t have the same software packages. If you want to start off with the basics, or have the latest version online merchants like Rakuten sell a variety of different versions from the slightly outdated Microsoft Windows 8 and windows XP to the latest version of Microsoft Windows 10.

A choice of browsers

Sometimes you know why, other times you have no idea- computers and the internet are both fantastic inventions, but occasionally things don’t work perfectly with your internet browser and you’re left scratching your head! So don’t just have the one browser, opt for a couple, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, for example. By installing two or even three and getting to grips with each one you’ll save yourself time further down the line when you need to access something quickly! 

Password protection

Sometimes it’s not just enough to set your password as 1!OhForGoodnessS@keImRunningOutOfPassw0rdIdeas990. But worry not, there are a number of ways to protect your password so, you can save yourself the trouble of constantly changing it again (unless you forget it of course!) Password Scramblers are useful for this, they will scramble up your password with other letters as you type, while other pieces of software will allow you to have the same password across all of your devices, while keeping it safe and secure too.

An effective ad-blocker

We wouldn’t even like to know how many hours we’ve already lost to watching unnecessary advertisements online. Ad-blockers have been met with some controversy, but some versions are actually incredibly effective. There are tons of different ad-blockers out there, so it might be a case of trial and error to find the one that suits your business best.

The First Customers: The Determinant Factor of Your Success in Running Your Business

Are you now starting your business? Is your on-going business your first business at all? When pioneering a business, most beginners will encounter some obstacles that hamper their business. One of them is the limited stock inventory, the inability to determine the ideal selling prices, and the most difficult often encountered, thinking about how to get the first customers. Yes! Getting the first customers is the most crucial stage that will determine the viability of a business! The above problems of course are some classic problems for anyone who starts a business. To help the beginners, on this occasion we will inform you on how to get your first customers. Getting the first customers is the same as getting your first chance of success. Check out the following points!

1:- Target potential customers around you

To build a market, at first you can start by targeting the people around you as your potential customers. For example, you can introduce a winning product that belongs to your family, close friends, colleagues, campus friends, or bring your product samples to some activities or communities you follow on a regular basis. If you are active in prayer meetings in your church, giving your product samples to your peers is a simple but effective way.

2:- Differentiate your customers based on their characters

After targeting the people around you as potential customers, the next step you need to consider is to divide the category of the customers in accordance with the characters they have. Here you can divide the consumers according to their age (children, teenagers, or parents), gender (male or female), profession in cultivation, and so forth. This step will make it easier for you to plan the most effective marketing strategies to get consumers’ attention.

3:- Establish good relationship to expand market opportunities

As a business actor, building a network of harmonious marketing becomes one of the obligations that you should not rule out. If necessary, hold regular meetings to strengthen your relationship with customers, as well as to introduce the latest products you have to loyal customers. This is an important thing as your proximity to the consumer is the starting point for you to succeed.

4:- Capture new customers from your loyal customers

Having a lot of customer turns out can bring good opportunities to you as a seller. Very likely, your loyal customers can bring in new customers for the company you run. For example, they can recommend your products to their relatives or close friends they have through “word of mouth way.” Therefore, do not hesitate to offer exciting bonuses to your loyal customers as they play an important role for the growth of your business. If necessary, invite them to join as reseller or agent of your product by offering special bonus which is quite interesting.

5:- Looking for more information by surfing on the Internet

You need to broaden your horizons about the market you are dealing with. The Internet is the best information warehouse and you can get useful tips and tricks that are not disclosed here. You are strongly encouraged to read the reviews provided by Feras Antoon to get your first 100 customers.

The core of these five points above is to please your customers. By making them happy then by itself your sales will increase. Easy enough right? After discussing some of the marketing tips you can run to bring in your first customers as it’s your turn to practice them directly on your niche. May the luck be yours!

Ecommerce Shipping Strategies: 3 Companies To Learn From

The world of ecommerce is best known for its wide variety of products, low prices, and ‘click to buy’ business model. The lesser aspect that we all take for granted is the shipping. Where data-driven analysis has turned the lowering of prices into a backroom art form, shipping them becomes a universally hated add-on charge at the checkout; what was an incredible deal instantly becomes average at best. However, there are a number of companies who have been turning the shipment of items from something slow, shady and wasteful, into the very embodiment of effective, conscious consumerism.

Modernizing a Material Process

Many of us have heard the news that Amazon plans on managing its enormous number of deliveries by drone, and perhaps this is a future we should expect. Yet in the meantime, delivering goods remains a puzzle for many ecommerce companies. There are three key areas in which current shipping strategies fail consumers: they are slow, wasteful, and expensive. Crucially, most online purchasers are savvy and not afraid to abandon their cart at the final stage. This is why many young companies are coming up with new ways to make their delivery system appeal to busy, young, ethical customers.

Free and Easy

Modern technology has already given us so many advantages when it comes to shipping products. Tracking a delivery enables customers to watch every step of their item’s journey, as well as being able to select exact delivery dates and times. Yet many people simply don’t want to have to pay for these types of benefits; shipping should not be a luxury, it is a necessity. In this example, free delivery has been known to make the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart at the checkout.

This is especially true for those who are looking to purchase a large and bulky item. For instance, British company Eve sells high quality mattresses (which arrive in a small box) and guarantee free delivery anywhere in the UK. Pitched alongside their reasonable prices, for many people this delivery option demonstrates a company who puts their customers’ needs first.

Keep it Speedy and Local

The race to deliver items as quickly as possible is what defines the advantage of online shopping from the physical experience. With the advent of Amazon’s same-day delivery service, the market has become even more competitive. In order to ship quickly, you need to have local fulfilment centres where the sorting can be done instantly before being packed up for shipping nearby.

Where large companies rely on their financial might to operate these vast centres across a country, smaller outfits such as the lauded We Deliver Local instead form partnerships with the shops in a local area and coordinate their resources between them. The outcome of this is that not only do your items get delivered straight to your door – We Deliver Local assures you of a strict 90-minute deadline – but there is the added benefit of knowing you are supporting local businesses.

Go Green

It’s become the least funny joke that we all have come to expect: a three-metre parcel turns up outside your door, within which five layers of packaging conceal a small pair of earphones. The level of waste is extreme, especially concentrated on cardboard and plastic materials. Indeed, it has been reported that Amazon has received over 33 million complaints about their packaging since 2009. In reaction to this, many companies have sought an alternate route that focuses instead on finding environmentally friendly ways to get your items from A to B.

The beautifully named Tiny Box Company is one such brand that has adapted its shipping methods in order to minimise the environmental impact of the business. By using eco-friendly packaging and recycled boxes for their jewellery, huge amounts of waste is reduced, and anything that can’t be recycled is given to schools for arts and crafts projects.

Make Money Dog Walking – There’s one smart way to get started

We all need a few creative ways to supplement our income.  Maybe you’ve already made this list, and you are not thrilled with the idea of picking up a few shifts at your local cafe.  Wouldn’t it be great to actually love what you’re doing while you’re earning a few extra bucks?  Consider this: become a dog walker.

If you’re great with dogs and their pet owners, it’s a fun and easy way to expand your wallet too.  There are two ways to make this happen: 1. Figure it out yourself, but who has time for that?  2. Join and get connected to the nation’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers.

Rover has made the job of walking dogs and getting paid incredibly simple for you.  If you’ve never thought about it, chew on this:

  • It’s flexible and based on your availability.  Whether you have the summer off or a specific schedule to work around, dog walkers set their own schedules.
  • You are your own boss.  How often do you have the opportunity to determine your own paycheck?  With Rover, dog walkers set their own rates and services.  When you fall in love with this job, you have the space to grow this into your sole business.  Get your business cards ready.
  • It’s worry-free work.  If there are any complications or emergencies while you are on duty, you have 24/7 support from Rover including vet services.  Plus, Rover provides insurance coverage.
  • Enjoy some time outside.  This could be your best excuse to get out and about this summer.  Your office has no walls, and your colleagues are dogs.  Does it get any better?
  • It doesn’t require a degree or certification.  If you love dogs and know how to make pet owners happy, you’re ready to apply.  Rover also provides resources to help you develop your business.
  • It’s tech savvy.  With Rover’s online platform, you have the ability to showcase your dog-loving qualities, set your availability, book clients, and have pet owners share their rave reviews.  The Rover app allows you to communicate directly with pet owners about the details of your walk and send photos.
  • Getting started is easy.  After you create your profile, Rover requires a background check and takes the time to review your profile.  The moment you’re approved, you’re open for business.

Rover is a community of dog lovers like you.  Sign up via Become a Sitter–grab a leash and join us.

5 Old School Marketing Tricks that Still Work

As the world becomes more and more centered around digital, you may think this is where you need to be focusing your marketing efforts. And yes, of course, you should have a website, blog and social pages. But, there are many old school marketing tricks that still really work and shouldn’t be disregarded.

These tend to take place offline which means they can reach places your online marketing can’t and at the same time can also be used to back-up and support your digital efforts.

Here are just five of them:

1:- Flyers and leaflets

Flyers and leaflets are effectively mini brochures – they can include a menu, dates, price list – ultimately plenty of useful information together in the same place. These can be handed out or placed where your target market hang out and are ideal for the consumer to keep and refer back to when they need it. Check out these folded flyers from Phroom Print to see the various options available and understand exactly how it could benefit your business.

2:- Networking

You can, of course, speak to both current and potential customers and clients online, any time of the day and no matter where they are in the world. There is no doubt that this has made it easier than ever before to connect. But, there is a distinct and unique value to engaging with customers offline that you simply can’t ignore. This is why networking is still so important – it puts you in front of the right people and by meeting face-to-face you are able to form relationships in a way that you can’t when talking via a keyboard.

3:- Business cards

Handing out a business card seems quite old fashioned now, you just connect on social media, don’t you? Yes, you can and probably should try to connect on social but your business card is a great place to include your Twitter handle to ensure you are found. If you just verbally share your details with someone you would like to work with at a busy event it is likely they will forget them very quickly and this is then a missed opportunity. Your business card is important because it is the perfect place to include your phone number, email address and so on, to then hand out to the right people who can slip them into their wallets and refer back to them later and hopefully get in contact.

4:- Public speaking

Standing up and talking in front of the right people might be the last thing on your mind when you are deciding the best way to market you, your business and your product or service. But, this puts in you at the forefront of many people’s minds and ensures they see you as an expert in your field and allows you to establish your credibility.

5:- Posters

Posters can be strategically placed to attract the attention of those you want to aim at. For example, if you are organizing an event you can put posters up around the venue so passers by know it is happening and can make a decision there and then if they would like to attend. If this information was purely online they may never have even seen it. It is important to remember that, even though it might seem like they are, not everyone is online. These posters can be used alongside your social media campaign to back up and reinforce each other.

8 Ways to Create Strong Advertising on YouTube

The definition of social media is expanding. Once a website to watch the latest music or cat videos, YouTube is showing the power of its platform in several unexpected areas. Linking the comments section of YouTube with Google+ has made the video website more relevant and influential than it ever has been.

YouTube as a component of your overall SMM strategy

Many businesses, and most small businesses, understand the need for an effective social media marketing (SMM) strategy. Your business’s YouTube channel can introduce new products, review products and inform your subscribers about what is going on with your company and the industry, but using your channel effectively isn’t simply a matter of putting up a couple of videos and then forgetting about it.

The following tips will help you get the most of out your YouTube marketing:

1. Keep it fresh.

Consistently updating your content will keep your channel looking fresh and informative. Videos are the heart of YouTube, so producing and posting videos will be the primary focus for the advertisers. Don’t get stuck in a rut by creating and posting videos that are similar in message or style. Change things up and be creative. Your subscribers will thank you for it.

2. Create effective titles.

Do you know how YouTube and Google are similar? They both rely on keywords for searching. Effective titles on YouTube can increase your subscribers based on their search preferences.

3. Use YouTube as part of an overall SMM strategy.

Speaking of Google, if you are using YouTube as an advertising conduit, you will want to increase your presence on Google+. Make sure your Google+ profile is complete and up to date. Most responses and comments on your videos are still linked to Google+ accounts and you should be active on that social media platform, as well.

4. Respond to comments.

Pay attention to the ratings your videos are given and read the comments. The best way to create momentum for your products or services is to respond to these comments. Create a conversation with your potential customers and see where it leads. Avoid using stock or canned responses as they will give your viewers the feeling that you are not engaged with them.

5. Pay attention to detail.

Categorizing and tagging your videos correctly will make it easier for customers and potential customers to find them and you on YouTube. Although categorization is relatively strict, the ability to tag your content with both commonly used and specific tags makes it easier for casual watchers to find your videos.

6. Link to your website.

In addition to having your website address in your posted videos, you will want to include it in the video description. This description should be short but informative and should always include a link to your business website.

7. Spread the love.

YouTube is just one outlet for your SMM strategy. Once you have created a video, don’t just post it on YouTube and forget that it exists. Post it on Facebook, link to it on Twitter and Instagram and use it to bolster your entire strategy.

8. Build your customer base.

The more subscribers you have for your YouTube channel, the more popular it becomes and the more people will see it. A strong subscriber base can boost interest in your products or services in proportion to its size. Getting a head start on your subscriber base can pay off down the road.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a good video worth? For your small business, the answer could be everything.