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Love VS Bond – A Comprehensive Debate

Debate in my mind between love and bond has ended. Firstly, we need to understand love. What is love? In my opinion, it is the feeling of attraction to person not specific in gender. The dilemma of love changes with person to person. It could be a good friendly relationship, desires, affection or sexual needs. […]

3 Reasons Online Security Is A Great Blogging Niche

If you’re still looking for a niche topic to blog about, online security might not seem like the perfect choice. After all, you’ve probably come across 5 articles about VPNs this week on Facebook alone. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the niche is saturated, and that you should rather blog about another subject. But […]

5 Excellent Tips That Will Protect You From Phishing Scams

Identity theft and the phishing scams have become extremely common these days. The hackers send you an array of emails like the ones creating a sense of urgency or the emails presenting some highly lucrative offers which are too good to resist, and by either pleasing you or intimidating you, they steal your information. While […]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Computer Safe

Both business and personal computers usually contain a lot of sensitive or at least private information, photos, and data. Being careful when it comes to privacy and online security is becoming increasingly important. The best way to approach creating a security system for your computer is to consider how you are using it and try […]

5 Software Must-Haves for Every Computer User

Got yourself a brand new laptop for home, new desktop at work or a new tablet for travelling? Here are five software must-haves to download to get you started. Anti-virus software Because laptops and computers can run without anti-virus software, they’re still regarded by some as not an absolute necessity. But the fact is, they […]

Ecommerce Shipping Strategies: 3 Companies To Learn From

The world of ecommerce is best known for its wide variety of products, low prices, and ‘click to buy’ business model. The lesser aspect that we all take for granted is the shipping. Where data-driven analysis has turned the lowering of prices into a backroom art form, shipping them becomes a universally hated add-on charge […]

5 Old School Marketing Tricks that Still Work

As the world becomes more and more centered around digital, you may think this is where you need to be focusing your marketing efforts. And yes, of course, you should have a website, blog and social pages. But, there are many old school marketing tricks that still really work and shouldn’t be disregarded. These tend […]