From being a die-hard fan of Imran Khan to becoming his critisizer, here are some incidents that led to my change in stance:

1. During the 2013 and 2018 elections, I designed and managed campaigns for PTI parliamentarians but haven’t received the promised payments yet.

2. I presented a Tele-Medicine solution/idea to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT Board (KPITB) and endured years of waiting. Eventually, they replicated my concept, launching their own project called “E-Ilaj.” Unfortunately, it failed to address remote area patient issues and resulted in a loss of approximately 25 Million PKR from public taxes.

3. The reason my proposal was rejected was because I had no connections to PTI politicians’ hometowns or villages, nor did any of my relatives belong to the PTI party.

4. In August 2018, during PTI’s governance, I faced an incident where a “2 takay ki aurat” received a grant under my startup’s name and documents during the “KP Impact Challenge.” The Directorate of Youth Affairs KP refused to help me, ignoring my application, allegedly due to her association with an EX PTI general counselor. Despite people being aware of this situation, many remained silent, while some even supported and encouraged her actions, causing me further loss and pain.

5. Under PTI’s governance, another project related to “Auqaf & Religious Affairs Govt. of KP” was awarded to a PTI member’s friend by unfairly downgrading my marks in the provided documents, despite our stronger technical proposal.

6. In the “BRT Trans Peshawar & Sehat Insaf Card” project, PTI members engaged in corruption, acquiring PC Peshawar and renaming it Serene Hotel Peshawar.

Though there are more points I haven’t mentioned, I ask you to step into my shoes to comprehend my situation fully. When this fire reaches your feet, you’ll understand its impact.

Currently, I don’t support any political party and have become anti-democratic due to the realization that only kings and soldiers remain loyal to the nation, while ministers seek personal gains. As we live in a democratic country, it’s essential to support those who are loyal to the nation.

Pak Army Zindabad!