Love VS Bond – A Comprehensive Debate

Debate in my mind between love and bond has ended.

Firstly, we need to understand love. What is love? In my opinion, it is the feeling of attraction to person not specific in gender. The dilemma of love changes with person to person. It could be a good friendly relationship, desires, affection or sexual needs.

With compromise two beautiful souls can get attached to each other and live happily.

While in case of BONDING, LOVE is opposite to bondings. Bonding is SPIRITUAL. All sayings of Almighty Allah(SWT) are available with us in form of Holy Quran through the mean of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SWS). Those sayings of Almighty Allah (SWT), which are not included in the Holy Quran, are also with us in form of Hadith-e-Qudsi through the mean of Holy Prophet(SWS).

BUT HOW BONDING BETWEEN TWO DIFFERENT BODIES ARE POSSIBLE? Allah (SWT) created Aalam-E-Arwah, to better understand it we can simply take the concept of Hindunism here, Hindunism believe in 7 lives (7 JANAM), while in Islam it has been declared that our lives are divided into different section, i.e Aalam-E-Arwah, life, after life & life in Paradise or Hell. It is possible that we may had find our SOULMATE in Aalam-E-Arwah and we may find them in this world too! thats why there is BOND between two different bodies (HARD TO FIND).

P.s: I never meant to say that you should marry or start loving your soulmate, because Bonding is something natural while love is not!

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  1. Urooj Khan
    Urooj Khan says:

    I totally agree with the concept of bond and connection. I called it connection in my way. Connection of two souls. I dont believe on love type of thing


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