8 Ways to Create Strong Advertising on YouTube

The definition of social media is expanding. Once a website to watch the latest music or cat videos, YouTube is showing the power of its platform in several unexpected areas. Linking the comments section of YouTube with Google+ has made the video website more relevant and influential than it ever has been.

YouTube as a component of your overall SMM strategy

Many businesses, and most small businesses, understand the need for an effective social media marketing (SMM) strategy. Your business’s YouTube channel can introduce new products, review products and inform your subscribers about what is going on with your company and the industry, but using your channel effectively isn’t simply a matter of putting up a couple of videos and then forgetting about it.

The following tips will help you get the most of out your YouTube marketing:

1. Keep it fresh.

Consistently updating your content will keep your channel looking fresh and informative. Videos are the heart of YouTube, so producing and posting videos will be the primary focus for the advertisers. Don’t get stuck in a rut by creating and posting videos that are similar in message or style. Change things up and be creative. Your subscribers will thank you for it.

2. Create effective titles.

Do you know how YouTube and Google are similar? They both rely on keywords for searching. Effective titles on YouTube can increase your subscribers based on their search preferences.

3. Use YouTube as part of an overall SMM strategy.

Speaking of Google, if you are using YouTube as an advertising conduit, you will want to increase your presence on Google+. Make sure your Google+ profile is complete and up to date. Most responses and comments on your videos are still linked to Google+ accounts and you should be active on that social media platform, as well.

4. Respond to comments.

Pay attention to the ratings your videos are given and read the comments. The best way to create momentum for your products or services is to respond to these comments. Create a conversation with your potential customers and see where it leads. Avoid using stock or canned responses as they will give your viewers the feeling that you are not engaged with them.

5. Pay attention to detail.

Categorizing and tagging your videos correctly will make it easier for customers and potential customers to find them and you on YouTube. Although categorization is relatively strict, the ability to tag your content with both commonly used and specific tags makes it easier for casual watchers to find your videos.

6. Link to your website.

In addition to having your website address in your posted videos, you will want to include it in the video description. This description should be short but informative and should always include a link to your business website.

7. Spread the love.

YouTube is just one outlet for your SMM strategy. Once you have created a video, don’t just post it on YouTube and forget that it exists. Post it on Facebook, link to it on Twitter and Instagram and use it to bolster your entire strategy.

8. Build your customer base.

The more subscribers you have for your YouTube channel, the more popular it becomes and the more people will see it. A strong subscriber base can boost interest in your products or services in proportion to its size. Getting a head start on your subscriber base can pay off down the road.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a good video worth? For your small business, the answer could be everything.

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